“Mercury amalgam removal changed my life”

“Mercury amalgam removal and then mercury chelation therapy changed my life. Let me tell you how”

I am 47 years old. I suffered with multiple symptoms since a child. These included:  brain fog, inability to concentrate, fatigue, lack of motivation, gastro-intestinal distress, knee pain, sinusitis, exertion headaches, and memory loss. I have been trying to find an answer since I was 20. I tried nutrition, acupuncture and chiropractic with some relief. Regular doctors treated me with ibuprofen for knee pain, allergy medications, drugs for ADHD and depression. The root cause was still elusive.

I did more research and decided to go to an integrated medical clinic. After filling out an extensive questionnaire, I met with a doctor of osteopathic medicine. He looked into my mouth, saw my six amalgams and said those could be causing the problem. I still waited for a year before taking a urine heavy metal toxicity test. Sure enough, the mercury was near the top of the chart. They recommended I go to Dr. Layton and have them safely removed. I did. It took about four visits and I started to feel amazingly better. I was more relaxed almost immediately. I then started heavy metal chelation to rid my body and brain of the accumulated mercury. I now have energy, can focus easily, and enjoy life again. Mercury was not my friend.” – Doug


“Ann and I are very happy we made the decision to have our amalgam fillings removed by your office two months ago. After growing accustomed to having mercury fillings for over three decades, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that a quiet neutral “taste” in my mouth replaced the harsher background I was used to.  We’ve both noted an improved mental outlook and feel more relaxed and energetic.  We appreciated your expert personalized service and your friendly, professional staff.We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your office to others for safe amalgam removal and excellent dental care.” -Don and Ann


“At the recommendation of my personal physician, I contacted Dr. Layton’s office for amalgam removal. I am fully aware of the toxic effects of mercury on the body and I decided I didn’t want it in my body any more. While Dr. Layton and his staff are fully competent in the technical sense, it seem more important to me to focus on the personal side of this practice. After having numerous procedures on my teeth and gums over the years, I have noticed that this dentist and his staff actually care about me as a whole person. I feel safe and cared for in this office. I have repeatedly felt welcomed into this caring family of professionals. I always feel respected. My questions are answered to my satisfaction and my concerns are thoughtfully considered and addressed. I feel like I am an important contributor with a team of caring professionals in taking care of not only my teeth and gums, but my entire being as a person.” – Dr. Hall


“Dr. Layton is the best dentist I’ve ever had. His materials are natural and safe and his technique is impeccable. As a senior I trust Dr. Layton and his staff to help me maintain healthy teeth and gums for years to come. “ – Dr. Cohen


“ LaytonDental is a consistent leader in the field of nontoxic dentistry. Grant Layton is one of the pioneers in mercury free dentistry and continues to provide state of the art service and a continued passion for responsible patient care.” Dr. Mattioda


“When I have a patient who required removal of amalgam fillings to reduce mercury body burden, Grant Layton is my first choice. He is thorough, professional and skilled in the needed procedures for their problems.” – Dr Moss


“After seeing a presentation (video) with mercury gas vapor releasing at body temperature I was motivated to get all the metal out of my mouth. Dr. Layton and his incredible staff did an exceptional job of making sure it was removed in the safest & most comfortable way. Since then, they have helped me with regular hygiene appointments and even and implant for a tooth that was dying after years of slow decay as a result from getting hit in the mouth with a baseball bat. The implant looks and feels amazing and I trust Dr. Layton and his team with my dental health and refer everybody I can to them. They are AMAZING”” – Dr. Revivo

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