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Encinitas Dental Bridge Dental Implants San DiegoYou can replace your missing teeth.Do you want that tooth back?  It can happen at LaytonDental.  Did you know that a missing tooth can cause changes in your bite?  Don’t let that happen.  You can have all missing teeth back permanently.

Holistic Dentist Root CanalEncinitas Dental Implants You have Choices.  My first choice would be a new tooth created with a dental implant.  At LaytonDental we can safely and accurately place a dental implant guided into place by the most up to date technology, 3D cone beam radiography.  We can size and fit the implant digitally first, in the 3D image of your jaw, and then when everything is perfect, place it perfectly in your jaw exactly how we planned.  After the implant has healed we create a beautiful tooth and place it on the implant, it matches your other teeth so it blends seamlessly and your smile is restored.

Another great choice is to replace the missing tooth with a beautiful all porcelain dental bridge. With the new zirconia ceramic technology there is no unsightly metal and it is very strong.Our new bridges are all white, tooth colored ceramic with no metal to ever discolor or tarnish your beautiful smile. The bridge will always look like you were never missing a tooth.

Dental Implants San DiegoReplace a denture?  Now, you can Kiss your old dentures good-by.   But first, Our mini implants make your old dentures better than new.  Especially those loose lower dentures.  Our ‘kiss your dentures goodby’ program is all about a higher standard of living.

Good strong chewing teeth compared to uncomfortable loose dentures can be the biggest quality of life choice you can make.  There are many options.  Lets see what is best for you. First We can make your old dentures fit like brand new, and that may be all you need. But it gets better.  See why our up to date technology leads to the best treatments for greatly improving the quality of life for denture wearers.

Dental Implants EncinitasQuality of life is what implants mean to the denture wearer.Even better, the pink plastic of a denture can even be eliminated and it will look like your teeth are back like new.  It is permanent like you never lost them.

There are amazing things that LaytonDental can do for your Quality of life.

 State of the Art Restorations – Crowns, Inlays and Onlays

Crowns, Inlays and Onlays are what are used in dentistry to fill teeth eroded by cavities, wear, chipping and cracking. Depending on the severity and how extensive the damage is dictates the size of the restoration. Inlays are the smallest usually for one surface of the tooth. Onlays are for 2 or more surfaces of the tooth. For more extensive repair a crown is called for. A crown covers the entire tooth to the gum line protecting it from further damage. It also holds a tooth together that may have been severely cracked or had a root canal that makes a tooth brittle and prone to breaking.

In our office we make all of our restorations from extremely strong all porcelain material. It is so strong that no metal is required and it is highly bio-compatible. That means that the gums do not react and recede away from the crown like they do with traditional crowns with metal covered with porcelain. That is the dark rim you see at the bottom of a metal crown where the gums have pulled away as a reaction to the metal. This can also trigger a low grade immune response in the body because it recognizes metal as a foreign object, but not the porcelain.

We fabricate the majority of our Crowns, Inlays and Onlays in our office using the state of the art Ceric machine. Using advanced technology we can digitally create your restoration and then the machine will mill it exactly as designed, custom made just for you. Doing it here in our office offers the option of faster turn around times with even “same day crowns” if time is of the essence. Our doctors love the precision that can be achieved and providing our patients with the best, highest quality restorations available.

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