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Encinitas Dentist Holistic Welcome to Layton Dental Offices. There are so many things I would like to show you about our office, let’s take a tour.? Encinitas Dental Implant

Encinitas Dental Implants

The design of the office is on the theme of earth, sea and sky.  Notice the table top in the front area is full of fossils, such as nautilus and orthoceros, and that the glass wall and door carry that theme.

We have a library here by the front desk where we make an effort to have the most informative books that our patients might be interested in.  Some books we have extras of, and are for sale, for example, Dr. Taylors book mercury toxicity from dental fillings.

Holistic Dentist As we pass thru the glass door into the office, on the left we see 3 of our 5 operatories. Our hygienists use two of these for teeth cleaning and teeth whitening and the middle one is for Dr. Layton.On the right we see the reception area where we will help you and take care of all your paper work, or insurance paper work. Mercury filling removal

Natural Dentist Encinitas

We have carefully chosen our dental products to be the very best  and most effective and worthwhile, from our new probiotics from Life Extension that stops tooth decay, to the best teeth cleaning products.

Dental Implants Encinitas In all our rooms there is an examination screen over the patient as well as a screen for the doctor.  During the examination as a patient, you can see everything that the Doctor is looking at;  x-rays, photos, charts etc., and that makes it easier for Dr. Layton to answer your questions and explain conditions. We take photographs of the teeth and digital xrays, and can then examine them on the screen together. Holistic Dentist San Diego

Encinitas Holistic Dentistry

This the microscope where we can view the microbes in the mouth.  This can be important where bleeding gums are a problem, or where there is bone loss.  In our office we work aggressively for the patient to cure periodontal disease.   We can identify the problem microbes, treat to eliminate them, and confirm the cure under the microscope.   This is a powerful tool in the hands of the Hygienist to stop and cure gum disease, by eliminating the cause.

dental implants encinitas This our “in house” dental lab where fine restorations are fabricated, custom for our patients.  It is a great convenience to not have to send to outside labs for work done,  but even more than that it is the control over quality we have by being able to craft work here in this fine lab.

The sterilization area.  All instruments etc., used with a patient, are washed, ultrasonically cleaned and heat steam sterilized in individual packaging to maintain sterility.  We try to keep this room in show room condition because we know how important cleanliness is to your health and confidence.

Thank you for letting us show you our office.

We find this office to be a wonderful environment for providing the best in dental care to you.

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Directions to LaytonDental, 285 N. El Camino Real, Suite102, Encinitas, CA 92024

Use the map above to get directions to Layton Dental offices. If you need assistance, please Contact Us.

If coming from the North Coastal Area:

Take 5 South and exit at Leucadia Blvd. At the end of the off ramp turn left (heading east).
Go to El Camino Real and Turn right. Go thru 2 lights to Via Montoro and make a U-turn at the light and make an immediate right into our parking lot.

If coming from the South Coastal Area:

Take 5 north and exit at Encinitas Blvd. At the end of the off ramp turn right (heading east) and travel to El Camino Real and turn left.
Go thru 3 lights to Via Montoro and turn right into our parking lot after the light.

If coming from Inland:

Take I-15 to 78 and go west. Exit at Rancho Santa Fe Road, turn left from off ramp and go west.
One mile before reaching El Camino Real, RSF road changes to Leucadia Blvd.
Turn left on El Camino Real, Go thru 2 lights to Via Montoro and make a U-turn at the light and make and immediate right into our parking lot.