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Encinitas DentistDr. Grant H. Layton

Through a career in dentistry that began in 1978, Dr. Grant Layton has always been looking at dentistry with an eye as to how to do things better.   This means dental work that looks better and lasts longer.  It has always been his goal to make dental restorations that are invisible to the eye and biocompatible.   It is the holistic view of dentistry that dictates that dentistry should be healthy for the whole body.   In his first years in practice the truth became clear to Dr. Layton that mercury was toxic to the body and so was fluoride.  This set the tone to Dr. Layton’s dental philosophy and since then he has always strived to provide the safe and scientifically sound dentistry that many are looking for today.

 Dr. Layton is married to the former Eileen Briggs and they have five children. Dr. Grant and Eileen currently have eleven grandchildren.  In what ever interest Dr. Layton pursues he applies his same drive for improvement and “how can I do it better” attitude. Whether it’s riding his dirt bike, spear fishing or working in his woodshop making violins he is always innovative and creative.

Wherever technology can provide better treatment for our patients Dr. Layton is making the effort to be up to date.  Dr. Layton holds the patent for the sterile clean water lines in our office, and it is a technology that is licensed and used by many dentists.  Dr. Layton has recently applied for a patent in ceramic dental technology… a technique for creating and placing ceramic implants. With the tomogram x-ray placement is so precise that his implants are highly successful.  These implants will be non-metal, tooth colored ceramic that is highly biocompatible.  They will greatly improve the cosmetics of front tooth implants and generally provide implants that are more tooth-like than the present metal alloys in use.

Dr. Layton is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology in which he holds the standing of fellow.  This Academy is leading the dental profession out of literal dark ages and into a modern world of science and reason for good health.  Standard dentistry still puts mercury in people’s mouths, and fluoride in our drinking water, but the day will come when these beliefs will end, and science will prevail.

Many people have materials sensitivities, and for these and for everyone, he has created an office that is safe and healthy.  LaytonDental is the premier office for safe mercury removal and biocompatible dental restoration.

A large part of Dr. Layton’s focus has been striving for the highest quality in dentistry.  He has always maintained a full working lab in his office and has personally made most of his dental restorations.
Dr. Layton enjoys dentistry  and loves to help people achieve optimal oral health while improving their smile and overall good health.

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Directions to LaytonDental, 285 N. El Camino Real, Suite102, Encinitas, CA 92024

Use the map above to get directions to Layton Dental offices. If you need assistance, please Contact Us.

If coming from the North Coastal Area:

Take 5 South and exit at Leucadia Blvd. At the end of the off ramp turn left (heading east).
Go to El Camino Real and Turn right. Go thru 2 lights to Via Montoro and make a U-turn at the light and make an immediate right into our parking lot.

If coming from the South Coastal Area:

Take 5 north and exit at Encinitas Blvd. At the end of the off ramp turn right (heading east) and travel to El Camino Real and turn left.
Go thru 3 lights to Via Montoro and turn right into our parking lot after the light.

If coming from Inland:

Take I-15 to 78 and go west. Exit at Rancho Santa Fe Road, turn left from off ramp and go west.
One mile before reaching El Camino Real, RSF road changes to Leucadia Blvd.
Turn left on El Camino Real, Go thru 2 lights to Via Montoro and make a U-turn at the light and make and immediate right into our parking lot.