Our Innovations and Technology

Experience our ‘image based dental exam’   As we examine your x-rays you can also see them on your overhead monitor.  You will see what we see on the monitor as we thoroughly examine your teeth looking closely for any problem or potential problem.   Our digital x-rays are up to date with the lowest exposure possible. With digital x-rays we can easily email them to your insurance company or a specialist if needed.

Silver Infused Water for safety.  At Layton Dental we treat the water that will be used in your mouth with Colloidal Silver.  This is Dr. Layton’s patented technique, and it assures you that the lines and tubing that bring water to you are clean and free of bacterial contamination.

No Fluoride

San Diego Holistic DentistFluoride has harmful health effects on the body.  Fluoride added to drinking water does not effect tooth decay rates, but poisons the population.  That’s why we will never use fluoride in any of our treatments. Our office provides easy biocompatible solutions that really do stop decay in children as well as adults with no toxicity. We can test your drinking water. Our testing equipment is designed to provide valuable data for you. If you would like to have your home tap water or filtered water tested, bring it by for a free analysis to see what kind water you are really drinking. For more Information Check out My recent Post and Video on The Dangers Of Fluoride 

Safest Mercury Removal

Mercury Removal San Diego Our office is a mercury safe zone.   There are toxic doses of mercury in these fillings and safe amalgam removal requires that no one be exposed to the mercury when removing mercury/silver fillings from the mouth. That means that not only must the patient be protected, but the dental personnel as well. Layton Dental is one of the nations leading locations that have gone to great lengths to innovate and implement protective techniques to insure your safety. We take pride in the fact that our office has no mercury vapor in the air and no aerosols that are created when removing these fillings. This insures that you as our patient and our staff are never exposed to any airborne contamination.  We use the LaytonDental Mercury Vacuum developed by Dr. Layton. This vacuum concept is what truly makes us exceptional.  Our office is clean, safe and mercury free! To find out more Please visit our Safe Mercury Removal Page

Natural Dental Solutions

San Diego Dental ImplantsNatural Dental Solutions means fillings and crowns that look so natural that you can’t tell they are there. They feel natural and they look natural. They strengthen the teeth and help you keep your teeth all your life. An important note is that our choices in dental materials are the most biocompatible and metal free. Everything we use is given careful scrutiny for your safety.You can read more about Holistic Dentistry by clicking  Here 

Periodontal Disease

Safe Mercury RemovalWe cure gum disease, not just treat it.  With our microscope we can analyze the bad guys and eliminate them.  Dr. Layton has worked with a local pharmacist to develop a protocol to focus the treatment orally with out exposing the entire body. Working with our excellent hygiene team and your good home care we can get your oral health restored and save your teeth, gums and possibly improve your overall health. If You Want to Learn More about how we  Cure Periodontal Disease Click Here 

Oral Probiotics

Holistic DentistryWe have found an oral probiotic that helps to re-establish the good bacteria in the mouth and eliminate the bad. We have had amazing results with it and recommend it to all our patients that have periodontal issues

Ozone Therapy

Holistic DentistEveryday we make a strongly ozonated water.  Ozone is very effective in killing bad bacteria and encouraging healing!  We use it exclusively in teeth cleaning and oral surgery.  We have a very low almost nonexistent record of infection from extractions and rapid healing from these procedures.

‘Cerec’ porcelain

San Diego CrownsAsk to see the new milling technology that gives us the strongest crowns that are all porcelain (no metal).  We would love to show you the cad-cam and the oven that will make you the strongest crown.  And for those with tight schedules, this technology allows us to make same day crowns, etc.  Wow!

Layton Dental Mercury Vacuum

San DIego Mercury Filling RemovalThis vacuum concept is what truly makes us exceptional.  Our office is clean and our patients are healthy because we vacuum out all toxic mercury from the office. To find out more please visit our  Mercury Removal Page 

There are many more innovations and protocols at LaytonDental that make us exceptional.  Are you ready to experience exceptional Dentistry?

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Take 5 South and exit at Leucadia Blvd. At the end of the off ramp turn left (heading east).
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Go thru 3 lights to Via Montoro and turn right into our parking lot after the light.

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Take I-15 to 78 and go west. Exit at Rancho Santa Fe Road, turn left from off ramp and go west.
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Turn left on El Camino Real, Go thru 2 lights to Via Montoro and make a U-turn at the light and make and immediate right into our parking lot.